Daria e Mario

Care Anna e Giulietta,

che dire... senza parole! Ci ritorneremo presto. Grazie!

Joe & Danielle

Anna, we will miss the countryside, the deer and the wild boar but we will miss you the most!! Thanks so much for all your wonderful hospitality. If you ever come to LA, please look us up and we will cook for you! Ciao!!

Derek Cathcart and Jeanne Watson

For over twenty years, I have been fortunate enough to spend time each summer in Tuscany, much of it around Panzano in Chianti, the most relaxing and beautiful place in "rustica Toscana" with wonderful restaurants, vistas to die for, and fabulous wine. My wife and I recently returned from a 12-day stay at Fagiolari, the second visit in two years. Undoubtedly, Fagiolari is a special place that is not to be missed.

Once you reach the property, in the midst of the Castello dei Rampolla vineyard, you will find a B&B with nicely appointed bedrooms and good quality linens. There is also a small cottage and lovely gardens. The property and facilities are meticulously well maintained. The rooms and common areas particularly clean. The pool area is fabulous with memorable views of the surrounding valley and the vineyards. The whole property is very quiet; one hears very little other than the sound of the cicadas and the birds, which help make this extraordinary place a truly restful experience.

Breakfast is included in the room rate and is served communally in the dining area of the house. Cooking classes are available as well as the opportunity to have an excellent evening meal on-site.

In the end, it is the small touches that set Fagiolari apart, which come from the proprietress, Giulietta Giovannoni, who has worked hard for over 25 years to restore the farmhouse and create the surrounding gardens. This labour of love continues for us all to enjoy.

Nora Dempsey

From the first evening I spent at Fagiolari 15 years ago, eating dinner at Giulietta’s dining room table and laughing with other travelers passing through, I felt at home.  Fagiolari is exactly what most of us hope for in a holiday retreat, a real country home in a tranquil Tuscan valley.

Giulietta’s country kitchen has not changed in all these years; it still smells of the wood stove, and whatever wonderful meal Giulietta already has underway.  There is a loggia just right for playing Scrabble in the afternoon, and a low stone wall, perfect for sipping a glass of wine while watching the sun set over the long lines of cypress trees. The only “new” thing is a beautiful pool, tucked away in a hidden glade, the perfect antidote after a day of hot August touring.

With only six rooms to rent, Fagiolari is always a home, never a hotel, always a respite from the rest of the world.

Cara Lombardozzi

I visited Fagiolari earlier this year in mid-June. Thank you for your warm and generous hospitality. I traveled for over two months through Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, but the three nights I spent at your place in Panzano were definitely the highlight of my holiday.

.I had a fantastic time and it was your kindness and your beautiful home that made it so memorable. You have a beautiful property in Tuscany and I still think about sitting by the pool with a glass of wine while looking over the hills of vineyards and olive trees. Truly heaven!

The cooking class was lots of fun and the delicious dinners we had each night will always be remembered. Thank you once again for a fantastic lifetime memory. I hope we can meet again one day; I would love to return to Panzano.

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