Multi day cooking class

These classes are dedicated to those who desire a more detailed kitchen experience. You will spend two or more days discovering traditional, home-style Tuscan and Italian recipes to enjoy the wonderfully intense flavors and freshness of traditional Italian dishes cooked in an evocative stone farmhouse.

Classes can be designed on your needs and requests. Each day we can prepare a different menu to better understand the many varieties of breads, cheeses and meats from different areas of this well-know region or we can focus on a specific topic. For example:

Day 1 - Tuscan pasta and first courses

  • Ravioli with venison ragù
  • Ribollita - Tuscan bread soup with kale and cannellini beans
  • Panzanella - Tomato and bread salad
  • Gnudi - Naked ravioli

Day 2 - Tuscan main courses and desserts

  • Roasted wild boar’s leg with vin santo
  • Peposo - beef stew
  • Schiacciata con l’uva - Cake with grape and rosemary
  • Cantuccini - Almond biscuit

Upon request, you can also learn how to make pizza or sourdough bread.

We usually start at 10:30 for lunch cooking classes and around 4:30 for dinner. Classes last about 3 hours. After the class… everybody at the table!

If you are interested in a specific menu or recipe, contact us and let us know what you ideally would like to do, we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

You can come and do a multi day program with or without accommodation.

The price includes:

  • 2 (or more) three hours hands-on cooking classes
  • Ingredients and wine
  • A cotton Fagiolari’s apron and recipes
  • 2 (or more) seated lunches or dinners with plenty of Chianti Classico wine.

Upon booking, please email us with any food allergies or preferences you may have. We are happy to accommodate you as much as possible!