"Stagion Bona Festival": Panzano is ready!

23 April, 2017

Everything is almost ready in Panzano, one of the splendid and characteristic villages in Chianti, for the traditional "Stagion Bona Festival" (aka Spring festival): on 25 April the town welcomes you for a day of ancient flavor.

The "Stagion Bona Festival" is one of the most anticipated events in Panzano in Chianti and one of the most characteristic and evocative of the whole area.

From 11am until late at night, the streets of the historic village will host the medieval re-enactment, flag-wavers and street artists, traditional street food stalls, craft markets and medieval games, and in the end the fireworks!

The central moment of the event will be the historic re-enactment in which the whole village is the protagonist and brings Panzano back in time to the 1345, recalling the ancient feud between the Firidolfi family of the Castle of Panzano and the Gherardini family of the Castle of Montagliari.

The historical episode remembered is the parade that the Lord of Panzano, Luca of Totto de 'Firidolfi, organized on April 25 of that year and at the end of which a young commoner was executed by hanging. The story is told by an herald, who from a terrace and next to the Duke, tells the public the events until the tragic vote of the hooded judges, who decide the fate of the unfortunate thief with two nuts in their hands: the white means salvation, while the black one condemns him to death.

After a long day of celebrations and historical reconstructions, at 11pm the fireworks show on the sky of Panzano, followed by the music in the square until late at night.

If you are in the area do not miss it!!

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